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Blast Machines

Shotblast Supplies Ltd Blast Machines are manufactured to PD5500 and rigorously inspected by a very well recognised independent inspection company giving testing, documentation and quality of our product with an independent recognised certification mark.


Our Blast Machines lead in performance giving an extended life cycle, reliability, mobility and low maintenance costs.  These are supplied with blast hose, deadmans handle and nozzle.  Also included are airlines to the deadmans handle and to the breathing air filter supplying the airfed helmet to give the operator continuous clean air.


We recommend using a 250CFM Compressor for the larger machines to give a trouble free operation.


The blast machine we supply is a single chamber high production unit.  It is capable of holding up to 150kg of abrasive.  This should give an approximate blasting time of 40-45 minutes.


The machine is fitted with a remote control system allowing the operator to switch the blast machine on and off using the deadmans handle attached at the end of the blast hose.


A universal abrasive grit valve capable of operating with most commercially available abrasive is fitted to the base of the machine.  The blast hose connects to this valve.


The machine is mounted on two wheels and has a single fixed leg.  This enables it to be easily moved around and remain stable in operation.  The machine is fitted wth an automatic rubber pop up valve and O-ring to ensure long wear life and reliability.  The valve is controlled by a fast acting remote control valve which is in turn controlled by the deadmans handle.

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