Abrasive Recovery

We use various methods of abrasive recovery.


  1. Our Suction Abrasive Recovery Unit is powered from the compressor and is a sweep up system.  Once the abrasive is swept to a point it is vacuumed up a feed pipe into a recovery hopper situated on top of the blast machine.  The abrasive is cascaded in this hopper to allow a suction pipe from the dust extractor to withdraw the dust from the abrasive allowing good, clean, reusable abrasive  back to the blast machine.  This is a continuous operation.


  1. We think the best recovery system is the Underfloor Screw Recovery.  The initial cost of the foundation work is very quickly offset by the trouble free and economical screw system.


We can offer full floor recovery or partial recovery with the screw system.


A popular screw set up is with a screw down either side of the blast area directly below the loose hanging rubber.  These feed the abrasive into the cross screw which is set at 90° to the recovery screws and in turn feeds the belt and bucket elevator situated outside of the blast area.


The screws are manufactured from a centre tube and a spiral flight down the full outside length of the screw.  At one end of the screw we fit a shaft that runs freely in a fitted self lubricating bearing.  At the other end we fit an extended drive shaft with with a self lubricating bearing and a motor gearbox.  These screws are fitted into a steel trough which encases the abrasive allowing it to be transported along the length of the unit to the elevator.