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Blast Rooms

Shotblast Supplies Ltd manufacture bespoke Blast Rooms tailored to our customers requirements including many sectors such as Auto, Aerospace, Military, Rail, energy, Gas and Oil and much more.  We offer including thermally insulated acoustic booths, bespoke containerised Blast Rooms to much larger panelled Blast Rooms with a full Underfloor Recovery System.


All our Blast Room installations are complete with rubber lining, lighting with all necessary equipment and PPE to complete the customers package.


As each room is “made to measure” we can calculate the size of the dust extractor to suit each individual room.


Each blastroom is made to measure to suit the customers requirements.  The rooms are normally built from 100 x 100 x 5 SHS with infills of 2mm castellated steel sheeting to give a good sturdy structure.  The doors are normally swing doors.  5’-0 LED Lights are fitted into the the top corners of the room the give good continuous light.  The walls of the room are fitted with loosely hung 3mm rubber sheeting to take the impact of flying grit.  The flooring is normally open mesh flooring to allow grit to fall through into whatever recovery system you may use.  Ducting connects the room to the dust extractor to easily evacuate the air and dust through the room.

Portable Containerised Blastrooms


Shotblast Supplies also supply a portable containerised blastroom which is built within any size that can be transported in one piece on the back of any wagon or low loader.  It has got everything in it that any size blastroom has got except all the equipment is fitted into an equipment room built on the endof the blast area.  This makes it very portable and can be quite easily moved around any site.  Once the room is in position it takes minutes to be operational.  You just connect the compressor to the room and plug in a 32 amp, 5 pin electric extension lead and you are working.



Most installations require some form of foundation work.  Whatever is required Shotblast Supplies can supply drawings for all excavations and finished foundations to suit whatever system is required.  We also have people that can prepare all the ground work and concrete to fine tolerances.



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