About Shotblast Supplies Ltd

Shotblast Supplies Ltd has designed and manufactured abrasive blasting equipment since 1981.  We provide blasting solutions for all industries no matter their size including Auto, Aerospace, Military, Rail, Energy, Gas and Oil to name a few.


Our Portfolio ranges from small Hand Blast Cabinets to Shot Blasting Machines, Blast Rooms, Portable Blast Rooms, Underfloor Recovery Systems, Dust Extraction, Abrasives and Spares.  Our machines are advanced to provide a safe user experience and a dustless means for a safer environment.


Blast Machines

Shotblast Supplies Ltd  lead in performance giving an extended life cycle, reliability, mobility and low maintenance costs. 


Blast Rooms

Shotblast Supplies Ltd manufacture bespoke Blast Rooms tailored to our customers requirements including many sectors such as Auto, Aerospace, Military, Rail, energy, Gas and Oil and much more.


Dust Extraction

We manufacture a complete range of Dust Collection systems in a range of sizes from 250CFM to suit a small hand cabinet up to 40000CFM to suit a large industrial Blastroom.



MTL Rotherham was designed by our engineers and crafted to the needs for the process needed to blast the components designed and manufactured by MTL. The blastroom enclosure was built in pannel sections for transportation and built together by our engineers on site. A belt and bucket elevator returned the abrasive to the blast machine through a cleaning system that returns the abrasive to a storage hopper and Blast Machine.


Portable Containerised Blastroom

Shotblast Supplies supply portable containerised blastrooms which is built within any size. It has got everything in it that any size blastroom has got except all the equipment is fitted into an equipment room built on the end of the blast area.


Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutter Doors are an option on our Blastrooms when you have limited space for access. The small size of the curtain roll means that the door can be installed on site and have a limited obstruction height of head height. A solution when other door types for access create a problem.  


Rubber Lining

The inside walls of the blastroom are protected from ricochet by loosely fitted 3mm thick shotblast quality rubber sheeting.  This gives protection to the steel wall panels and also takes the full impact of the flying grit allowing it to slowly fall to the floor. 


Screw Recovery

Screw recovery is the most advanced and reliable system to recover the abrasive with low maintenance. The screws are designed with a helix that continually move the abrasive to a transverse screw that in return feeds the abrasive to a the recovery system, normally an elevator.

The screws are built into an under floor hopper with floor grids to maintain a level floor for the operator.


Suction Recovery

Suction Recovery is the basic recovery system where you sweep the abrasive to a floor hopper which then in turn pulls the abrasive into a storage hopper via a high pressure vacuum. The suction recovery system is designed to give  continuous blast time until the blast machine and storage hopper need to be replenished.