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our long term development of blast cleaning technology has been taken one step  further in producing the Amphibian Blast System, which offers efficient cleaning and surface preparation of a wide range of materials with zero dust levels at high speed.

Dust has always been a major problem in blast cleaning. The
Amphibian Blast System can now overcome this problem and can offer improvements in terms of efficiency and versatility.

The system is portable and based on our advanced slurry system, coating each particle of abrasive with water which both increases it's kinetic energy and contains the dust produced on impact.

  • Complete pressure control from 1 - 10 Bar
  • Proven in High Lead applications
  • Heavy Duty design for Industrial Applications


    Amphibian 14
    Capacity - 50 kg expendable abrasive
    40 litres water duration 15 minutes at full pressure

    Amphibian 20

    Capacity - 100 kg expendable abrasive
    80 litres water
    duration 30 minutes at full pressure

    Amphibian 24

    capacity - 200 kg expendable abrasive
    115 litres water
    duration 60 minutes at full pressure
    twin rear axle for easy movement

    All systems have air only & water wash down at the press of a button


    250 c.f.m. minimum air supply
    mains water supply.


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