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Dust Extraction

We manufacture a complete range of Dust Collection equipment in a range of sizes, from a small 250 C.F.M. Dust Collector to suit an average Hand Blast Cabinet, up to the large 40000 C.F.M. system to suit a large industrial Blast room.

All our Dust Collectors are designed and built on site by Shot blast Supplies making it easy to cater for our customers individual needs.

Our units are simply and carefully designed and constructed allowing us to fully meet the demands of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Clean Air Regulations.

extraction systemMedia Cleaning

Either Bag Shaker or Reverse Pulse Media Cleaning can be implemented into our systems.

Bag Shaker

Bag Shaker is the traditional and simplest method of cleaning the collected dust from the Bags/Cartridges. It is also the cheaper option of the two. Although this methods is not as affective, as cleaning can only take place when the extractor fan of switched off.

Reverse Pulse Cleaning

20 000 CFM ExtractorReverse Pulse Cleaning is the more expensive option, cleaning of the filter media takes place online, giving superior performance both in media cleaning and overall extraction performance.

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