All our machines are built to BS5169, and are pressure tested to300 P.S.I. with a safe working pressure of 115 P.S.I..  Both automatic and manual models are available. Our portable blast machine range provides highly efficient, low cost equipment for either occasional or continuous blast cleaning operations. See below for a brief description of some of the standard Industrial machines in our range. All our machines can be custom built to accommodate any valve arrangement to the customers specification.


Blast Machines should be pressure tested every 26 months, we offer a full Hydraulic pressure test and overhaul service.

SS 80

    The SS 80 machine (10" diameter) with 1/2" pipe work requires only 80 C.F.M. of air to operate and can fit into the boot of a car. Ideal for Monumental Masons etc.

SS 160

    The next machine in our range is the SS 160 (14" diameter) and is the first machine in our range for production blasting. This machine has a capacity of 60 litres and is easily handled, making it ideal for site applications.

SS 350   

    The SS 350 machine of 18" diameter has a good capacity, is versatile and has a fast cleaning capability.

SS 450

    The SS 450 machine, of 24" diameter with a height of only 42" for ease of loading.

SS 650

    The SS 650 machine is also of 24" diameter and is a larger capacity version of the SS 450 and is the machine which is adopted as standard for companies who Blast a regular basis as part of their production. It has a capacity of 200 litres giving a continuous cleaning time of approximately 45 minutes before the machine requires refilling.

Wet blast System

   We also manufacture a Wet blast Machine which is environmentally friendly, economical and easy to use, producing no dust and minimal protective equipment required. Used for removing graffiti or Blasting off old paintwork which may contain Lead.

    All our machines are built with a concave filling head, and large hand hole for ease of internal inspection. The abrasive metering valve is fitted with a rubber liner and is suitable for all types of abrasive.

Spares / Accessories

    A full range of spares are kept on stock at our premises for all our machines at all times. A range of control valves, Blast hoses, Nozzles, Couplings and of course Blast Machines, all top quality at affordable prices.






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