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We have a range of Abrasive Media, and advice on their uses.

  • Expendable

  • Chilled Iron
  • Steel shot/grit
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Virgin
  • Re-claimed
  • Sinter ball (Alternative)
  • Glass Bead



    This type of Abrasive is one of the cheapest and is used mainly for open air Blasting or when Abrasive recovery is not possible as the name suggests it is expendable.

    Chilled Iron

    Chilled Iron is mainly used in Blast rooms and automatic machines such as section cleaners where it can easily be re-claimed. This type of abrasive comes in many different grades depending on the surface texture required and gives a high rate of production. It can be used many times before it becomes useless. Chilled Iron is more expensive than Expendable Abrasive but due to its reusable qualities it is more cost effective if recycled.

    Steel shot/grit

    Steel Abrasives are very similar to Chilled Iron in production rates, the choice between the two is down to preference.

    Aluminium Oxide

    Aluminium Oxide is a hard wearing abrasive and has a similar lifespan to Chilled Iron. It is usually used on Stainless Steel and other components made from non-ferrous metals where corrosion is a risk. This type of abrasive is quite expensive when compared to Chilled Iron. It is ideal for use in Hand Blast cabinets.

    Sinter ball

    Sinterball is an alternative to Aluminium Oxide giving a similar finish. This type of abrasive media is more expensive than Aluminium Oxide but it does last 2 to 3 times longer under comparative conditions.

    Glass bead

    Glass Bead is used for Peening and the removal of surface blemish's. It is generally used for cosmetic purposes such as polishing the end product. This abrasive is only suitable for light work, it is not for the removal of corroded surfaces.

    Glass Bead is an Inert material and so poses no threat of corrosion.

    There are many other types of Abrasive media, the list above describes some of the more commonly used.

    This is a small sample of the range of products we can supply, if you require any further information on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us we will be only too happy to help with any query you may have.



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